Prerna Sethi MishraClinical Psychologist | Expressive Arts Therapist

Prerna Sethi Mishra is a seasoned Clinical Psychologist registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India and a UNESCO-CID certified Expressive Art Based Therapist. With her forte in mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, personality, substance and eating disorders etc) for both children and adults, her experience of working with oncology, nephrology and other chronic illnesses, has further helped her evolve as an empathic therapist using an eclectic approach.

Prerna is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from Becks Institute, Child and Adolescents Mental Health from Children First, and an expert in Rorschach Ink Blot Test by training under Dr. Dwarka Prasad, an institution in himself. Her experience and trainings across CBT, mental health, and testing, equips her to hold a proficient and expert position for conducting interview and psychological assessment to identify and diagnose psychological, emotional, and behavioural disorders along with curating appropriate therapeutic treatment plans.

Prerna Sethi Mishra has previously worked as a Counselling Psychologist and Expressive Arts Based Therapist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute. She has briefly also held a position of school Counsellor at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, a master’s degree from MCM DAV College, Panjab University and an M. Phil in clinical psychology from Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University.

She has also authored and presented 2 research papers titled ‘Compassion Fatigue among surgeons and Doctors’ at 46th National Annual Conference of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists, and ‘Psychotherapeutic Management of Somatoform Pain Disorder: a case study’ at the International Conference on Projective Psychology.
With her rich experience and educational background, Prerna also mentor’s young students and conducts workshops.

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