Anxiety and Depression

Get Relief from Depression and Anxiety with our Best Counselling Services in Gurgaon

Depression and anxiety can be overpowering and affect all areas of your life. Are you having difficulty making sense of depression and anxiety? Do you want to overpower depression and anxiety to lead a healthy life?

At Mental Wellness Centre, we help you cope with anxiety and depression with our best counselling services. Remember that you are not the only one suffering from anxiety and depression. Surprisingly, a large percentage of people suffer from this illness.

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

We have a trained team of psychologists and psychotherapists who would help you cope with anxiety and depression. It is common for people suffering from depression to feel lonely and helpless.

If you are feeling depressed or anxious, contact us immediately. Our trained psychologist would help you out with proper treatment procedures.

Our Innovative Approach to Depression and Anxiety Treatment in Gurgaon

Just as no two people are affected the same way by anxiety and depression, there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment procedure. In simple words, we take a personalised approach to treat depression and anxiety in each patient. At Mental Wellness Centre, our counsellors believe in implementing well-informed treatment options to cure depression and anxiety. Here are the types of therapy our physiologist usually deploys to treat depression and anxiety.

Interpersonal Therapy With the help of this therapy, our counsellors can focus on the patient’s troubled relationships, which cause depression and anxiety.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Also, known as DBT, it helps to manage burgeoning levels of anxiety and depression. Note that this therapy combines both group and individual sessions.

Cognitive Therapy based on Mindfulness As we all know, mindfulness can help people reduce stress and anxiety. But when used correctly, it can also reduce depression. As per our counsellors, it is the best therapy for those who experience frequent bouts of depression.

Psychodynamic Therapy This is one of our most potent therapies to treat anxiety and depression. It usually leverages resolving the internal psychological conflicts of the patient. It is generally deployed by our counsellors to treat extreme cases of depression and anxiety.

Sharing your Story is an Ideal Way to feel Relieved

A majority of people suffer from anxiety and depression because they don’t have anyone to share their problems with. But at Mental Wellness Centre, you can talk to our qualified psychologist. Our sprawling clinic and its setting would help you relax and soothe your mind. We have experienced and caring therapists who would listen to your problems without judging anything. Contact us today to get relief from severe anxiety and depression.

At Mental Wellness Centre, we take a unique and innovative approach to solve your problems. Our practice values the individual requirements of each client. Our counsellors would work with you to establish objectives that are attainable and meaningful. Note that reaching out to help is the first step to cure anxiety and depression. Contact us today to avail of top-quality treatment procedures on curing depression and anxiety.

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