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Mental Wellness Centre provides the best online therapy and counselling consultation in India and around the Globe. Consult Online psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, therapist, counsellors, mental health experts VIA mobile, chat, whatsapp, phone or video call.

Someone’s behaviour has much to say about his/her mental health. In a country like India, where mental health concerns are growing at lightning speed, online counselling assessments serve a vital purpose. There are certain times in life when you need psychological consultation from a therapist. That’s where we come into being. At Mental Wellness Centre India, our empathetic counselling team listens to you diligently. Mental Wellness Centre is the best destination where experienced therapists can identify the underlying traumas of patients. Our compassionate psychologists & psychotherapists implement the right methodologies to detect the factors contributing to stress or trauma in your life.

Bid Adieu to Your Mental Health Issues with Our Customised Online Psychologist Consultation

Our top psychotherapists and psychologists walk the extra mile to offer a customised solution with respect to the client’s mental issue. We ardently believe in recovery irrespective of the stage. Our clinic’s prime objective is to simplify the process of undergoing mental health treatment, thereby improving the overall experience. Regardless of the issues, we are here to offer holistic care services by assessing your conditions depending on the extensive analysis. If you want to get a personalised treatment, you can collaborate with us through online therapy India and learn more about our assessments.

Say Goodbye to Marital Issues with Our Online Counsellors' Expertise

In most of the marital cases we have worked on, we have identified that spouses create distance from one another due to an array of lifestyle factors. Poor communication creates distance between two people in a relationship. Lack of intimacy can be another issue in a love relationship that sets them apart. Several times, boredom, jealousy, stress, and financial barriers create problems in a marriage. Owing to this 21st-century sedentary lifestyle, screen time and overuse of social media take a toll on a relationship.

With our psychological therapy for marriage, we help you improve your conjugal relationship. Our online best counsellors in India offer therapeutic interventions based on the requirements. Our practices vary from one individual to another. By deploying different treatment options, we aim to fix a complicated relationship. Our psychotherapists and psychologists have training in the most current treatment processes. We can offer need-based counselling sessions personalised according to your requirements and preferences.

Elevate Your Career with Our Expert Recommendations

Career counselling is the most vital aspect of any individual's life. Pursuing your dream career might have been the key objective in your life. But let's face the fact: not everyone can understand their strengths and weaknesses. Some even fail to choose the right career path. For them, our seasoned therapists come to the rescue. So, if you wish to secure your future by choosing the right career, now is the right time to consult our counsellors online in India. At Mental Wellness Centre, we are here to identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you pursue the right career in life. We analyse the type of career suitable for you as per your education.

At our clinic, our career counselling aims to offer the proper guidance. Elevate your career with our career counselling. We understand everyone deserves a career where they can showcase their skills and earn a living. But finding a career option becomes complicated at times, given the competition. So, we can help your passion meet the right profession.

Alleviate Stress and Control Anger with Our Online Consultation with Psychologists

When there's anger, there's always pain associated with the scenario. But anger does not take anywhere. Instead, it's that emotion where you lose everything, make wrong decisions instantly, and ruin everything around you. If not treated at the right age, anger can take a toll on your life.

With our online stress and anger management counselling, professionals at Mental Wellness Centre offer psychological therapy to mitigate anger and stress issues. We are the guiding star, helping you get in the right direction. We are here to conduct sessions to control anger and alleviate stress.

Our experts formulate state-of-the-art strategies to speed up the process of healing. We follow assertiveness training practices for stress and anger management. With these methods, we can help clients reach a state where they can control their anger. We are here to deploy cognitive-behavioural treatment to control anger and stress. Uncover the ins and outs of our assessments by consulting us.

For evidence-based treatment procedures, our counsellors can conduct a one-on-one counselling session. We appoint therapists who have extensive training in different aspects of mental health. Learn more about the assessments.

Help Someone Combat Depression & Suicidal Tendencies

Grief and sadness are part and parcel of life. But does that mean someone experiencing grief will develop suicidal tendencies? Once someone develops suicidal tendencies, treating it without professionals becomes challenging. That’s where we serve our role. At Mental Wellness Centre, you can consult our online psychotherapist for someone or yourself who has recently developed suicidal habits due to acute depression.

When left untreated, even depression leads to other life-threatening medical issues. One of them is disability. Get in touch with our counsellors to avail of the following career counselling services:

  • 1st.) Offer highly personalised guidance from our experienced team
  • 2nd.) Help you become self-reliant and feel empowered
  • 3rd.) Devise an actionable strategy to help you accomplish your unidentified career objectives based on your interests, education, and our advice
  • Help you achieve work-life balance

Do you think someone around you is suffering from depression? If yes, you can identify their symptoms through the following:

  • 1st.) Overwhelming sadness
  • 2nd.) Loss of appetite
  • 3rd.) Over-sleeping or insomnia
  • 4th.) Thoughts of suicide

Mental Wellness Centre specialises in identifying underlying traumas in individuals. As the best online therapist centre in India, we are equipped with the best team of psychotherapists and psychologists. We can customise the psychological therapy as per your needs. But assessing the following elements is always a prerequisite regardless of the type of therapies we choose for different couples: a.) Focussing on particular issues like difficulties, jealousy, or other aspects. b.) Discussing our treatment objectives with couples. c.) Change-based interventions. d.) Active participation

Want to book an appointment with us to combat mental health issues? Contact us for an immediate online consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Mental Wellness Centre, we offer round-the-clock services to our clients. Whenever you are in an anxious or difficult situation, you can seek consultation from our expert anytime, anywhere, via your smartphone or a device.

Children who suffer from acute or moderate depression might not like the company of friends. In crucial scenarios, they may have anger issues or develop certain phobias. To mitigate the chances of severity, our treatments include the following:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Play therapy
  • Specialized cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Child parent counselling

Yes, you can get in touch with us for the best career counselling. We offer the following services:

  • A personalised career roadmap
  • Industry-based advice on top-notch career according to your education
  • Identify your weaknesses and strengths
  • Suggestions on upskilling and certification
  • Map different career trajectories with regard to your education

Our mindfulness-based psychological therapy encompasses the following services to treat various disorders:

  • Executing yoga postures
  • Contact with all body sensations
  • Practise meditation to promote mindfulness

Enlisted below are the reasons why our clients prefer us as their proficient counselling team:

  • Customised Care Therapy: We understand that every problem is different. Thus, our therapists offer all-encompassing solutions to address mental issues.
  • Top-Notch Doctors: As one of the pioneers in counselling, our clinic appoints experienced doctors.
We conduct online therapies with couples and gather background details from them individually. Our compassionate experts are the best and top in this field who don't hesitate to discuss every minuscule detail required to fix a married relationship. We listen to both of them to understand the problem and improve their personal and conjugal life.

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