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If you wish to avail yourself of the best couple therapy, Mental Wellness Centre is the name to consider. We are one of the reputed and trustworthy counselling centres that help couples get rid of their issues easily. Our therapists and psychologist consultation offers you holistic and comprehensive care for different kinds of mental health disorders.

At Mental Wellness Centre, we have expert marriage counsellors to solve your issues. We have the best marital psychotherapist in Gurgaon to help you look underneath your stress and trauma factors. Availing of our therapy and services, you can resolve your conflicts in your family. Our experienced and knowledgeable therapists offer you relevant therapies that you need to practice to maintain a healthy relationship.

Keep Misunderstandings Aside with our Marriage Counselling Services in Gurgaon for Couples

Avail of our reliable marriage counselling services in Gurgaon for couples and resolve conflicts in your relationship. We all know romantic relationships are tough to work with. Like cars, they require regular maintenance to keep them functioning well.

At Mental Wellness Centre, our relationship counsellor can help you sort out issues. In modern times, relationships can be tricky. And within a marriage relationship, this is quite true. Our spouse has a great influence on our health and wellbeing.

Our marriage counsellor can help you gain insights into your relationship. Our therapist pursues couples therapy to bolster and deepen your connection with your partner. Being the best counselling centre in Gurgaon, it is our privilege to provide you and your partner with feasible outcomes.

Avail our Imago Relationship Therapy to Solve Marital Problems

At Mental Wellness Centre, our psychologist deploys the Imago Relationship Therapy to help you solve marital issues. With the help of this therapy, you would learn how to receive and show love to your partner.

Imago Relationship Therapy is a result-oriented treatment procedure with which you can keep family issues at bay and come closer. With this therapy, our counsellor would assist you in safely lean into the discomfort experienced by you and your partner.

Our qualified team of psychologists would also take the help of Imago Dialogue to enable you to eliminate negative language from communication. In this manner, we would help you embody a genuine and compassionate understanding of your partner.

Save your Family from the Adverse Effects of Divorce

No doubt, divorce can have serious repercussions on your family’s mental health. And if you have children, then it can affect them negatively too. At Mental Wellness Centre, we help couples to address the underlying issues.

Our best marital counsellor and their services might help you see things from a different viewpoint. Our therapist uses Couples therapy to help you and your spouse build and improve your relationship. As the best counselling institute in Gurgaon, it is our honour to aid you and your spouse with practical answers.

The Elements our Therapist Leverages to sort Marital Issues

Our psychological therapy for couples helps you improve relationship satisfaction. Our qualified team of psychologists and psychotherapists rely on a wide variety of therapeutic interventions. The practice of relationship counselling may vary from one person to the other.

But here are the general elements our psychologist leverages for couples therapy.

  • Focus on particular issues in the form of jealousy, sexual difficulties, etc.
  • Making the treatment objectives clear to the couples seeking counselling
  • Change-oriented interventions in the earlier phase of counselling
  • Active participation of the therapist in counselling and treating couples
Why opt for our Relationship Counselling Services?

Here are the reasons which highlight the need for our relationship counselling services.

  • We deploy a wide range of treatment procedures to fix troubled relationships
  • All our psychologists are well-trained familiar with the latest treatment procedures
  • We provide highly customised counselling services based on the need of couples

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Mental Wellness Centre believe in instability in relationships. This is why; our experts suggest the best therapy to our customers. We understand the basic needs of a couple and work accordingly.
Our marital counsellors in Gurgaon ask you to take sessions with us. In every session, we assess to gather background information from you and your partner.
Availing of our marital therapy in Gurgaon, you will have to complete a minimum of 4-5 sessions. Our highly experienced counsellors will assist you with the details of this process.
We are the best marriage counsellor in Gurgaon, and that is why; we strive to deliver the best results. We always talk to you individually so that you can explain your issues without a doubt.
The number of insurance plans does not cover couples counselling. For a better experience, you can contact our experts at any time, and we will assist you in every way possible.

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