″ I was in between jobs when I found a Mental Wellness Centre internship, and I am glad I did. The doctors here are very considerate and really pay individual attention to you. You will surely learn a lot from this internship. If you are looking for an internship in an established healthcare centre, this is where you want to be. ″

Rishi Goutam

″ Not knowing what I wanted to do, I joined Mental Wellness Centre. This place has taught me a lot. Starting from how to deal with patients to learning about the subject. I am ever grateful to the staff and the doctors here. You cannot get a better place than this to intern at. ″

Ramandeep Kour

″ I would say if you want to help society in a way, Mental Wellness Centre is the best place to do so while learning a lot. I am ever grateful to Dr. Pankaja for teaching me so much and paying individual and patient attention to all the interns there. ″

Jyoti Kapoor

″ If you want practical experience and learn how to deal with patients, Mental Wellness Centre is where you should be. It has given me the experience no other clinic could. The staff and doctors there are very appreciative of you and will only bring out the best in you. ″

Himani Sharma

″ It would not be wrong to say that Mental Wellness Centre is the best place to intern at. Not only is the staff cordial, but you getting real-life experience as well. After finishing your internship, you will surely be able to treat patients exactly how you wanted to. ″

Puneet Tiwari

″ I joined Mental Wellness Centre as an intern for its reputation, and I would say it is the best decision I have made. This place not only teaches you the intricacies of the trade but also ensures that you are at par with the rest of the interns. With their help, you will surely prosper in this industry. ″

Vansh Chauhan

″ Whenever any of my friends ask how I am this good at my job, I always thank Mental Wellness Centre. The doctors there are very considerate of what you know and focus on teaching you the secrets of the trade instead of demeaning you. I would surely recommend Mental Wellness Centre to everyone. ″

Namish Arora

″ Ms. Kanupriya is one woman who I look up to ever since I have completed my internship with Mental Wellness Centre. She has taught me everything I know about special education, and everything I do for this industry is because of her. If you are looking to learn as well as gain field experience, this is the best place to join. ″

Krishna Bhati

″ I was not very sure about what I wanted to do. However, once I saw internship openings at a Mental Wellness Centre, knowing their reputation in the industry, I did not delay any further. I have to say; this place has come as a blessing to me. I would surely want anyone pursuing psychotherapy to be here. ″

Olina Agarwal

″ Mental Wellness Centre is the place to intern if you are serious about psychotherapy. They will take individual care of all the interns and will only help you get better. I have done my internship here and have learnt a lot more about the subject than I did in college. ″

Saksham Anand