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Children are sensitive and impressionable. They require able guidance and mentorship to become successful. Mental Wellness Centre offers this much-needed guidance through passionate commitment and the best child counselling services in Delhi NCR. We have the best psychologist and psychotherapist to achieve our objectives of bringing up a healthy mind for children. Our top counselling services can help kids cope with bold new emotions they encounter in their daily lives.

With our top counselling services, you can offer a safe space for children so that they can practice their new skills. The top psychologist and psychotherapist associated with our clinic work through the common issues of your child. We are here to help you and your child with every mental issue they face. From severe depression to life adjustments, our top counselling services will provide the top-notch psychological assessment. Moreover, we possess cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services with which your kids can resume their everyday life.

What sets us apart is our cooperative approach to assisting your child in solving mental disorders. With your permission, we will actively liaise with your child’s doctor and school to solve their mental issues. Our top psychologist and psychotherapist rely on well-researched treatments. We deploy treatment plans that are positive, practical and customised, especially for your child.

Types of Mental Issues our Top Child Psychologist and Psychotherapist help you with

Here are the everyday special needs that our top psychologist and psychotherapist can help your kids with:

Behavioural Problems : We offer the best counselling services for children suffering from various types of behavioural issues. If your child is aggressive, disobedient and has temper tantrums, contact us immediately.

Emotional Problems : For children, emotional problems can aggravate their mental disorders. From treating exam phobia to psychogenic aches and pains, you can rely on our best therapists.

Autism : If your child remains self-preoccupied and cannot speak appropriately according to their age, they are suffering from autism. Our best therapists in Delhi and NCR are adept at treating autism issues.

Adjustment Issues : Adjustment problems can be detrimental to your child’s mental stability. Stealing, lying and keeping bad company can lower your child’s grades. With our best therapists in Delhi and NCR, you can now address adjustment problems in your kids.

Our best therapists in Delhi and NCR rely on the latest psychological interventions to treat your children. If your child is suffering from mental issues, contact us immediately.

Our Approach to Clinical Therapy in curing your Child’s Mental Disorders

At the Mental Wellness Centre, we leverage a wide variety of therapies to cure your child of mental disorders.

Sensory Integration Therapy : Our counsellor leverages sensory integration therapy to cure autism in children. Sensory integration is the unconscious process of the brain which organises information by one’s senses. With our clinical therapy, your children can focus on academic learning and social behaviour.

Language and Speech Therapy : If your child is suffering from speech and language problems, our clinical therapy procedures can be of immense help. With language and speech therapy, our counsellor can treat mental disabilities in kids. Our speech and language therapists work on speech and language issues.

Occupational Therapy: Our occupational therapy procedures work as a part of the team. This team includes teachers, parents and other professionals. Our clinical therapy helps with the development of several skills like command following and task completion.

Applied Behaviour Analysis : Applied Behaviour Analysis is also known as ABA. It is a scientific approach to curing behavioural and learning problems in children. Our clinical therapy focuses on ABA to help reduce problem behaviours in children. ABA can help your kids with social, academic and daily living skills.

Floor Time Therapy: Floor Time Therapy deployed by our best counsellor is ideal for solving issues associated with autism. It is a relationship-based therapy model where parents interact and play with their children.

Why choose us to address your Child’s Mental Issues?

At the Mental Wellness Centre, we have the best counsellor to address your child’s mental issues. Here are some reasons why you select us to handle your child’s mental problems.

  • Our counsellor possesses highly specialised early intervention tactics for children with complicated developmental requirements.
  • We always strive to make the learning process interactive for your kids
  • Get a highly customised career roadmap from our career experts
  • Mental Wellness Centre has a wide variety of special education programs to address mental disabilities in children
  • We execute diagnostic analyses for common mental conditions like ADHD, autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders
Our team will design a fun & personalised treatment program for your child.
Being the best psychological treatment centre for children, we implement various types of therapies to treat your kids. Every psychologist in our clinic exceeds the professional development requirements.
Address your Child’s Psychological Issues with our Top Therapists in Delhi and NCR
You can now treat behavioural and cognitive issues in children with us. Consult us to book appointments and enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

When your child starts to teeter towards problematic behaviours, recognise them as red flags. From self-harm to a drop in academic performance, there are various symptoms that your child is suffering from mental disorders. Moreover, a drastic change in their behaviour is also a red flag you should never ignore.
At Mental Wellness Centre, we first assess your child’s psychological symptoms. Based on the symptoms, our psychologists take appropriate action via therapies. For instance, we deploy floor time therapy, occupational therapy, etc., to help your child cope with mental issues. Moreover, we also consider your child’s age before deciding on the best therapy for them.
Mental issues in children depend on a variety of parameters. When compared to adults, children usually find it tough to deal with mental stress factors. Without guidance or the proper tools to cope, the mental condition of children can deteriorate. If you have a troubled relationship with your spouse, then always search for cognitive issues in your kids.
In case of oppression associated with kids, a majority of parents typically intervene immediately. As one of the top psychology clinics in Delhi and NCR, we leverage various types of therapies. Moreover, we actively collaborate with children and their parents to keep everyone in the loop.
Mental health issues can severely affect your child’s academic and social performance. In the presence of mental health issues, your child may exhibit impulsive or reactive behaviour. At times, these can lead to aggressive behaviours in your child. If your child is suffering from mental health issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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