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All couples experience conflict. With our expert marriage counsellor in Delhi NCR, you can now address issues in your relationship. Mental Wellness Centre is here to help you fix your broken relationship. Our therapists may help couple considering separation or seeking improved understanding and intimacy. Moreover, our marriage counsellor in Delhi NCR is ideal for couples who no longer engage and coexist with each other. At Mental Wellness Centre, our marriage counsellor will help you sort out issues. With phenomenal experience in relationship counselling, you can trust Mental Wellness Centre to fix your broken marriage.

Our highly experienced marriage counsellors develop a space where a couple can be honest and real about their relationship. Our marriage counsellor in Delhi NCR will help you derive insights into your relationship. What sets us apart is our tactical use of couple therapy to boost and deepen your bond. Being the top marriage counselling centre in Delhi and NCR, we strive to provide you and your spouse with feasible results.

Opting for marriage counselling is pretty normal as it helps us navigate tough times. Our top marriage counsellor in Delhi will assist you with new perspectives and shape the journey of your relationship.

How do our Relationship Counselling Services help you?

Separation can be devastating for a couple. And if you have children, separation can have an adverse impact on their mental wellbeing. At Mental Wellness Centre, we provide holistic relationship counselling services. If your current relationship is shaky, separation is never an ideal solution. Our experienced and expert therapists can salvage your troubled relationship. Here are some ways in which our relationship counselling services are ideal for a couple.

  • Our relationship counselling sessions help you explore and analyse your marital bond
  • Our experienced therapists will assist you in rectifying mismatched expectations
  • At Mental Wellness Centre, our psychologist work on your communication style
  • We actively try to resolve conflicts between the couple
  • Our relationship counselling sessions strive to correct power imbalances
The Approach of our Top Psychologist to Marriage Counselling

Being the best mental healthcare centre, we strive to provide the best therapies to salvage your relationship. Note that the approaches and techniques used in relationship therapy usually vary based on various factors. For instance, our top psychologist will attentively listen to your issues initially.

Based on the issues you and your partner are facing, our top psychologist will deploy the right approach. At the Mental Wellness Centre, our psychologist will spend the initial part of the counselling process building rapport with you. In simple words, we are always eager to offer you with a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. Before opting for a specific therapy, our counsellors will try to understand your present issues.

We will set goals for the therapy and analyse the requirements of both you and your spouse. In this manner, we structure the entire counselling setup. Here is the list of some popular clinical approaches deployed by us in marriage counselling.

Imago Relationship Therapy

Through the Imago relationship therapy, our best marriage counsellors will find reasons for negative perceptions or behaviours in the relationship. It is a clinical therapy which has been pretty useful in restoring communication between couples. When seeking relationship counselling, it is common for couples to search for a licensed marriage counsellor. At the Mental Wellness Centre, we have an expert team of therapists who will assist you in restoring your relationship. All our therapists possess extensive experience and certifications in couple therapy.

In most cases, you’ll need more than ten sessions for effective resolution. At Mental Wellness Centre, we conduct individual sessions to comprehend the partners separately. Contact us at the earliest and fix your broken relationship.

Internal Family Systems Therapy

The internal family systems therapy is another clinical therapy which can save a broken relationship. It assists partners in better understanding each other. Our best counsellors deploy this therapy to help you identify the patterns in your relationship.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

The best clinical psychologists in our centre leverage this therapy to develop positive and fresh interactions between partners. You can now fortify your emotional bond with the help of this potent therapy.

The Narrative Therapy

The best clinical psychologists implement the narrative therapy to assist you in exploring past issues from varied angles. If the pertaining issue belongs to the past, then this therapy can be pretty effective. Through this therapy, our clinical psychologists help couples gain various insights.

The primary objective of our couples counselling services is to help partners learn about each other. Unless you share your issues with our counsellors, you cannot expect to solve them. We will always try to empower you in your endeavours to develop an emotionally healthy marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

To make your marriage counselling more effective, you should have more goals. Our expert marriage counsellors will always help your therapy sessions to be effective.
To stop fighting in a relationship, you should communicate face to face. You can also consult us to get the best suggestions and solutions to save your marriage.
Our therapists will want to know the primary issues you’re experiencing. We will also help you recognise the reasons responsible for creating stress in your relationship.
At Mental Wellness Centre, we use a wide variety of therapies. From Imago therapy to Emotionally Focused Therapy, we will sort out issues between you and your spouse.
In most cases, the feeling of ending a relationship with your partner is temporary. But you should consult us to get rid of the feeling of ending your relationship.
The frequency of your visit will depend on the seriousness of the relationship conflicts. If your relationship issue is serious, you may have to visit our clinic periodically.
The process of booking an appointment with our therapists is easy. Call our front desk, and they will assist you in selecting the right therapist as per your issue.
It is common for marriages to fall apart nowadays. You should recognise the things that made you fall in love. It is imperative to reflect on things that have made your marriage feel broken. And if none of these strategies work, consult us without any hesitation. Our best marriage counsellors will assist you in restoring the lost romance in your relationship.

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