Navsheen KaurCounselling Psychologist | Specialisation in Neuroscience & Psychometric Testing

Navsheen Kaur is a counselling psychologist who holds a strong background in neuropsychology, which inculcates two multidisciplinary fields, psychology and biology, to understand emotions, cognition, behaviour and mental illnesses from a holistic perspective. She pursued her Masters in Research (MRes) in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology and Bachelors in Science (BSc) in Psychology and Language Sciences from London. In the last five years, she has worked at research centres and voluntary organisations, which has helped her develop professional and interpersonal skills through keen observation, consistent documentation, and good communication with patients and the healthcare team members. She also holds good theoretical knowledge of psychological interventions (e.g., cognitive behavioural therapy, behavioural modification techniques, family therapy, psychoeducation etc.). Besides, she has expertise in psychometric approach and career counselling to help foster academic, emotional and social development and help individuals make the best career, educational, and life decisions.

She has offered support and guidance to children, adolescents and young adults with developmental and language disorders, which enabled her to develop insight into the necessary skills in counselling practices such as resilience, empathy, patience, humility, and a client-centred approach to help support people with mental health conditions. Her ultimate ambition is to raise awareness and assist children and young adults suffering from mental illnesses through early intervention and prevention efforts.

She is currently working as a counselling psychologist at Mental Wellness Centre where she uses her multidisciplinary background and professional skills to offer support and guidance to children and adults with mental health conditions, emotional and behavioural problems. In addition, she is responsible for developing and delivering training programmes for interns at Mental Wellness Centre.