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They say psychological therapies are only for the ones who face mental issues in life. But at Mental Wellness Centre, we believe everyone needs psychological therapy for the betterment of themselves. Each compassionate and empathetic psychologist online consultation Mumbai at our centre practices a holistic method that helps clients find success in their lives. Mental Wellness Centre provides the best online therapy and counselling consultation in Mumbai, India and around the Globe. Consult Online best psychologists, psychiatrists, therapist, counsellors, mental health experts with mobile, chat, WhatsApp, phone or video call.

Besides, we also recommend solutions for marital issues, anger management, stress reduction, and more. Whether you have marital problems or anger issues, we can get you covered. Here’s a basic of our services for which our clients have praised us on numerous counts. Considering the increasing rate of child psychology cases in Mumbai, we offer counselling sessions for little kids, teenagers, and young adults. Get the best online psychologist consultation in Mumbai for your child and nurture them. Enlisted below are the types of treatments we implement for children: Integrate plat therapy (art-based and other personalised solutions, Cognitive behavioural therapy for children, Psychometric assessment and Conduct child and parent counselling sessions.

Our best counsellors understand that your child’s path to learning might be different from a parent’s expectation. But that does not mean they don’t have the right to learn and grow in the way life has chosen for them. Contact us immediately if you wish to understand the ins and outs of our special education programmes online.

Child Counselling – Understanding When Your Child Needs Our Consultation

Sometimes, children and teenagers face difficulty in connecting themselves with their family members. If you have started noticing these symptoms, Mental Wellness Centre comes in to the forefront. With our child counselling therapy, we can promote empathy and understanding within a particular family. We believe in creating a strong bond with the children. Unless we bond with them, we know they will never be able to open themselves up in front of our counsellors. With our effective counselling assessment, our therapists aim to assist children with personal loss or trauma.

Whether your child suffers from chronic psychological and emotional problems, counselling can be a valuable step in his or her life. Certain types of depression can affect your child and lead to the following consequences:

  • Difficulty in focussing on their studies
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Unhealthy eating patterns
  • Feeling of stomach fullness
  • Insomnia
  • Poor academic performance

At times, childhood depression can result from a lack of socialisation in adolescence. As a result, your child may develop suicidal tendencies or substance abuse. With our customised treatment solutions, our psychotherapists strive to offer the best solution. Our adept team of experts support parents in identifying the root causes and offer the top treatment according to the requirements.

Special Education Services for Disabled Children

Meet our interventionists, who can offer effective learning methodologies with assessment to assist your child in learning and growing. We have a dedicated team of therapists to maximise your special kid’s learning possibilities depending on the following parameters:

  • Their learning styles
  • Educational needs
  • Strengths

Our customised learning assessments and programs are designed to enhance your kid’s learning abilities. Do you suspect your child to have any of these disabilities? We are here to help you out. By diagnosing the type of tests your child needs, our skilled language and speech therapists devise a strategy to help your child through thick and thin. The following are the types of disabilities a child can experience:

Delay in Mental and Physical Development: Our counsellors can treat developmental delays with a unique education curriculum that addresses physical, behavioural, and cognitive development. Each child is unique, and so is our customised treatment.

Autism: ASD, or autism spectrum disorder, affects both verbal and non-verbal social communication as well as interaction. Our psychotherapists, who specialise in special education, can help your child accordingly.

Intellectual Disability: The next and last type of disability is intellectual disability, where our psychotherapists specialising in special education programmes help kids overcome their disabilities. Our best psychologists offer a supportive environment to these children.

Career Counselling Advice

Pursuing your dream course may be the foundation step toward achieving a lucrative career. But how many times have you stopped to reconsider your career decision? Given the varying ranges of career opportunities available to amateur professionals, you may wonder which career direction is good for you. In such difficult circumstances, we stand by your side.

At Mental Wellness Centre, our top online career counsellors aim to offer proper guidance. We implement time-tested methodologies to offer the right career counselling sessions to our clients. Allow us to help you be on the right track by building a robust profile for decent employability. Our online sessions are all about securing your professional life with the following services:

  • Avail of customised career roadmap from our best psychologists online
  • Get recommendations on industry-based specific careers
  • Help us identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn about certifications and training
  • Let us discuss career trajectories with our therapists

So, are you ready to embark on this journey and discover your most appropriate career with us? Gain clarity about your professional interests and proficiencies from our top and best online counsellors at Mental Wellness Centre.

Overcome Stress and Anger Problems with Online Therapy
How many times have you lost yourself out of anger and broken things impulsively? Or you might have talked to your elders rudely only because they were wrong in certain situations (?). When life puts you in these difficult scenarios, fear not because we are right beside you. Our Mumbai psychological counselling online services are customer-centric, meaning we offer customized solutions based on individual requirements.
Seek Online Consultation with Psychologist Mumbai at Mental Wellness Centre
Contact us if you experience frequent conflicts with your seniors at work or co-workers. Give us a call right away when you experience difficulty handling your anger or emotions. If you become extremely violent about trivial things, we are here to give the right counselling consultation online. Or if you feel like taking revenge every time something hurts you, we can guide you towards positivity. Make a call or text us anytime because we are available 24/7 online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following reasons make us the most incredible online clinic in Mumbai:

We Have Different Channels

We can offer treatments depending on our client’s needs. Either seek face-to-face consultation sessions from us via a video chat or take our assistance through an audio chat.

Easy Accessibility

Our need-based therapies are easy to opt for. All you need is to reach us anytime through a text or call.

Confidential Care

We prioritise respecting our clients’ privacy. With that in mind, we keep your personal information and identity safe.

Expertise and Experience

At our clinic, we have an array of experienced psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Most of them are RCI-licensed.

The following are the signs when you can consult us at Mental Wellness Centre to alleviate stress or manage anger:

  • You think of taking revenge every time something terrible happens to you
  • You discord with colleagues more often
  • You become aggressive even in small matters
  • You cannot control your anger and emotions
We offer online psychological assessments for people suffering from mental health issues in Mumbai. Seek an online consultation from our experienced online counselling team through a chat or call. We will conduct sessions according to your requirements.

We offer the following mental health services to customers in Mumbai:

  • Special education
  • Marriage counselling
  • Stress and anger management
  • Career counselling
  • Mindfulness therapies
  • Child Psychotherapy and more
Anyone experiencing psychological issues can consult us. The inability to concentrate due to excessive screen time, suicidal tendencies, depression, panic attacks, or anxiety are some signs why you should get in touch with us soon. Whether it’s a work or relationship incapability, whenever you feel alienated amidst the crowd, our online psychologist can offer the best therapy for you.

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