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Mental Wellness Centre is your one-stop platform for professional and specialized online psychologist & counselling services in Pune. If you are unable to find an in-person therapist in Pune, our online counsellors have you covered. Sometimes, the problem with being strong is that no one cares to inquire about your well-being. Our primary mission is to help you get quality psychological counselling from the comfort of your home. With our online psychological consultation Pune, you can get all-round mental health assistance from some of the top mental health specialists in India. We have carved a niche because of our ability to offer the most comprehensive mental health support.

With our online counselling Pune, you can keep disturbing thoughts at the bay. We have been helping people get the best quality psychological counselling online Pune. The mental health specialists working at our Centre offer customized treatment plans for your overall mental well-being. Our online counselling services come with smart matching with a licensed therapist to your preferences and condition.

Reasons Why People Prefer Consultation with Our Online Counsellors

Here are the common reasons why people opt for a consultation with our best psychologist and psychotherapist.

Lack of Time - Usually, most people book online consultation with our psychologist because of their tight schedules. Scheduling a psychotherapist consultation lets you save a great deal of time.

Physical Hurdles - It is usual for clients to have mobility issues that may prevent them from seeking an in-person consultation. With our virtual psychotherapist consultation, you can seek mental health treatment right from your home’s comfort.

Shyness - Most people in Pune opt for our virtual psychotherapist consultation as they are too shy to discuss their problems face-to-face. Our online counsellors are always committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that you get the best treatment.

Social Anxiety - Patients choose the services of our online counsellors as they have social anxiety. It is a type of mental disorder which will make you anxious in a new and unfamiliar environment.

At Mental Wellness Centre, our main aim is to offer you with the top-notch mental health services. Online Counselling Pune can help you work through your challenges and provide you with the top strategies. Anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship counselling are a few of our specialties. To book a consultation with our best psychologist, visit our website today.

Overcome Anger Problems with Online Therapy in Pune from the Top Psychologist

Do you lash out verbally at your peers without any solid reason? Does your blood pressure reach the danger mark when someone doesn’t follow your instructions? Anger is a normal and healthy instinct of the human body. However, things become complicated when you fail to control your anger properly. Issues with anger management can make you destructive and create issues in your relationship and work.

When you are uncontrollably angry, you have a strong impulse to react to unnecessary things. At Mental Wellness Centre, we help our patients deal with severe anger management issues online. Our best psychologist will conduct an initial assessment to understand the circumstances behind your anger management issues.

Our online anger management therapy is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Based on this theory, you must challenge your inner thoughts and behaviours that cause anger. Our top psychologist will guide you to identify the personal triggers behind anger. Our best psychologist leverages CBT to self-control your thoughts. Our therapist is ready to help you overcome your anger management issues. Contact with us today to learn more about our online anger management therapy.

Our highly qualified and top therapist will assist you in working through your emotions and provide the best coping tactics. Book an appointment today for the best online psychologist in Pune and usher positivity in your life.

Overview of Our Online Counselling

Our online counselling services are supervised by highly professional therapist and psychologist. On our platform, you can engage in face-to-face meetings with our therapist and psychotherapist. So, if you have a busy schedule, our online counselling can be of immense help. This kind of counselling is beneficial for those who have mobility issues or prefer the convenience of remote communication.

Our online consultation with psychologist Pune works best for those who have emotional barriers or practical limitations. We offer a flexible and accessible solution for helping you receive the best quality support and guidance required to address mental health concerns. Our best online psychologist consultation in Pune also involves in-depth mental health assessment of patients.

Address Depression with Our Online Psychological Therapy

Do you have persistent thoughts of sadness and hopelessness? Are you experiencing a complete loss of energy and interest in your daily activities? Note that feeling sad or having mood swings is completely natural. However, if emptiness and worthlessness have taken the front seat in your life, it is time to opt for our psychological assessment and treatment.

When left untreated, depression can severely reduce the overall quality of your life. You lose the ability to enjoy life on your own terms. Like most other disorders, we use CBT to cure depression effectively. We firmly believe that it is your dysfunctional thinking that produces depressive thoughts. With a thorough psychological assessment, you will learn that negative thoughts aren’t the ultimate reality.

Using our CBT techniques, you will learn the best ways to cope with depressive thoughts. Mental Wellness Centre, through its online therapy sessions, will always help you overcome depression.

Address Anxiety Issues with Online Therapy in Pune

Feeling anxious while waiting for your blood test reports or your semester result is perfectly normal. But when you cannot shake your concerns off, you need help. Anxiety is the human body’s natural response to stressful situations. Besides a detailed psychological assessment, we use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you overcome anxiety.

Through CBT, you will learn that your perception of things is the main reason behind anxiety. With our online therapy for anxiety, you will learn how to recognize negative thoughts and eliminate them. Most of our therapists use systematic desensitization to expose you to the challenges that cause your anxiety. It is an effective approach that lets you take complete control of anxiety disorder.

Our therapists are a call or text away from helping you rediscover your life. Get the best mental health assistance online in Pune by reaching out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research shows that there is no big difference between in-person therapies and online consultations. Our work process is based on the latest treatment approaches. Our qualified psychotherapists will provide you with the right resources to help you overcome your problems.

Note that there is no fixed duration for which you will use our services. The total number of sessions you must undergo is to be decided by our psychotherapists. For the best results, we always recommend you adhere to the instructions of your therapist.

You will always have your privacy while consulting with our therapists. Our online therapy ensures that you don’t have to wait in a therapist’s office. You can even choose a nickname so that your therapist can easily address you. Moreover, we keep patient-centric information safe in our systems.

After signing up for our services, we will assign you a therapist based on your profile and requirements. But to be more specific, we will conduct an initial assessment of your overall condition. Based on the findings of this session, we will assign the right psychologist to you.

The length of an individual counseling session can differ based on factors such as whether it is individual or group counseling, the nature of the issue being addressed, and the therapeutic approach employed by the counselor. For individual counseling, a single session lasts approximately 50 to 55 minutes.

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