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At Mental Wellness Centre, we provide the best psychological counselling online Chennai. We all have thoughts and behaviours that contribute to mental disorders. With our online therapy in Chennai, you can overcome these hurdles with our licensed psychotherapist. Our online counselling has been designed to help you break the shackles and achieve optimum mental health. With an online therapist, you can discuss your trials and tribulations from the privacy of your device.

We fully understand that seeking in-person counselling can be challenging due to several reasons. Moreover, the stigma surrounding quality mental health care is something that can discourage you. Our clinic believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality mental health care. To get a detailed assessment of your mental health, schedule an online consultation with psychologist Chennai today.

Why Do People Prefer Online Consultation with a Psychologist in Chennai?

Online mental health counselling promises a lot of benefits compared to traditional in-person psychotherapy:

Convenience - If you are a busy professional seeking mental health counselling, our online counsellors can help. You don’t have to travel miles to consult with your psychologist. We provide professional mental health counselling via mobile. WhatsApp, phone, or video call. We can arrange the counselling session wherever you are comfortable.

Seamless Communication - We have noticed that online communication appeals to most people, especially younger adults. If you have reservations about divulging your personal information in face-to-face communication, opt for our online counselling.

Highly Qualified Therapists - Our psychologist and therapist are highly qualified and possess years of experience in people with depression and anxiety. Furthermore, all our therapists involved in online counselling undergo rigorous screening. We make sure that you receive the best care from the right people.

Effective - A majority of patients report that our online therapy is highly effective in helping them overcome mental trauma. Numerous patients who opted for our online counsellors showed marked improvement within a few sessions.

Secure - We securely store and encrypt all client communication. Moreover, our psychotherapy therapists adhere to strict professional and ethical confidentiality codes.

Dependable - With our guaranteed response time, you will know when to expect your daily counselling session. It allows you to get the most out of your online counselling in Chennai.

The Working Mechanism of Our Online Counselling Services in Chennai

Getting the best online therapy is easy when you opt for our services. With just a few steps, we can help you connect with the top counsellors and psychologists for your mental health assessment. Here is how our online counselling works.

Schedule an Assessment Session - Note that it is an initial session where we will try to get a brief idea about your mental health. Based on the outcomes of this session, our top counsellors will decide which method (WhatsApp, phone, phone) works best for you.

Schedule a Session - Based on your convenience, you can schedule a session with our licensed psychologist in Chennai. They will listen to your problems to create a custom treatment plan.

Receive a Diagnosis - During the appointment, our therapist will listen and evaluate your symptoms. It will help us in offering you with a detailed diagnosis.

Regular Sessions - Your therapist will tell you when the next session is due. Note that it is crucial to attend every session diligently to eradicate mental health issues.

We diagnose and treat common mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, etc. Our psychologist prescribes evidence-based medications to ensure that you can overcome your disorder effectively. Our therapists and counsellors are here to listen to your needs and strategise for better mental health.

Prescription Mental Health Support from Top Psychotherapist in Chennai

When you need medication for mental health, long wait times aren’t right. On our platform, you can connect with the best psychologist for extensive assessment and ongoing care. What sets our online mental health services apart is the deep specialisation. Our best psychotherapist will work with you to suggest medicines that help you feel and function better.

Psychological Conditions that Our Best Psychotherapist Can Treat

Mental Wellness Centre’s online consultation can help treat major mental health conditions. Our highly tailored treatment plans comprise prescription medication and talk therapy. Here are the common conditions that can be easily treated with online consultation from our best psychotherapist.

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Social Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Panic Attack
  • OCD

Irrespective of your mental health concerns, we can help you bring your life back to normalcy. To book an online consultation, connect with us today.

Ditch Negative Thoughts with Online Counselling from Our Experienced Psychotherapist

At Mental Wellness Centre, we know that each individual’s mental health journey is different. Therefore, our experienced psychotherapist and counsellors are here to offer personalized support and guidance. Whether you are coping with anxiety, relationship issues, or depression, our online counselling can help.

Our online counselling services in Chennai eliminate the need for commuting to a physical clinic. You can opt for a mental health check-up right from your home’s comfort. So, if you have mobility issues or a tight schedule, consulting with us is the best option.

At Mental Wellness Centre, we believe in addressing not only your major psychological concerns. Our main aim is to support your overall mental well-being with regular sessions and evidence-based medicines. We can help you develop strategies for managing long-term mental health.

Counselling Based on Holistic Mental Well-Being

Our counsellors leverage comprehensive understanding to consider the whole person and not just their symptoms. It is an approach that allows our counsellors to get a deeper understanding of your life. Over the years, we have learned that holistic overall well-being can lead to better outcomes.

That’s why we consider our patient’s physical health, emotional balance, and social support. Listed are the benefits of opting for our mental health counselling based on holistic well-being.

  • Reduced stigma
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Long-term well-being
  • Customised care
  • Mental Wellness Centre is your one-stop destination for seeking top online counselling services. Book a consultation today and get respite from nagging psychological issues degrading your quality of life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our online psychologists are just like in-person psychologists you typically consult in clinics. The online therapists of the Mental Wellness Centre specialise in dragonising and treating major mental health disorders. However, the main difference is how they communicate and listen to your problems.

    Unlike other online mental health counselling services, we don’t change therapists. It means you will be collaborating with the same therapist in every session. However, we allow our patients to switch therapists at any point without any disruptions in psychological treatment.

    The initial appointment is all about analysing and assessing your problems. Our online therapist will ask you various questions about your medical and psychological issues. The initial consultation allows us to get a brief idea about the current state of your mental health. Then, we will develop a custom treatment counselling plan for you.

    Thousands of people in Chennai have already benefited from our online therapy sessions. Most people report feeling better after completing the prescribed number of counselling sessions. Seeking immediate online mental health support can help you regain confidence sooner than you expect.

    Yes, our centre offers online counselling for individuals, couples, and families. Similar to individual therapy, online couples therapy helps to improve your relationship from the comfort of your homes. Through an effective communication, our renowned therapists will help you solve marital or family issues professionally.

    During our therapy sessions, our primary objective is to concentrate on the areas in which you aspire to develop and achieve your personal objectives. Each session is custom-tailored to your unique learning and processing style. Our thorough psychological assessment will further help us to devise the right treatment for you.

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