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Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is a modified form of cognitive therapy which includes mindfulness practices. At the Mental Wellness Centre, we provide the best mindfulness-based clinical counselling in Delhi and NCR. Our mindfulness therapists teach clients how to break free from negative thoughts. And if you are suffering from depression, opt for our best mindfulness-based clinical counselling in Delhi and NCR. The important components of mental wellness on which our counsellor leverages are social, financial, physical, and spiritual.

With our mindfulness-based clinical counselling in Delhi and NCR, you can now treat recurring instances of depression and stress. We are also adept at treating people with major depressive disorders. Our best therapists rely on mindfulness-based therapy to teach people to pay attention to their feelings and thoughts.

At the Mental Wellness Centre, we teach mindfulness via guided meditation techniques. With our top therapists, you can even address addiction issues. So opt for our mindfulness-based clinical counselling in Delhi and NCR and get respite from various types of mental illnesses.

Ways in which our Best Therapists help you with Mindfulness-Based Therapy

At Mental Wellness Centre, we have the best therapists who can treat a wide variety of mental disorders with mindfulness-based therapy. While our psychologist relies on mindfulness-based therapy to treat depression, they also use it to treat:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety issues
  • Depression related to medical problems
  • Constant feelings of unhappiness
  • Treatment-resistant depression

During mindfulness therapy, our top psychologist will guide you to concentrate on the present moment. However, it is not easy to do so as the human mind has the tendency to wander. To counter this, our top psychologist will instruct you to accept this phenomenon without judging anything.

We deploy innovative strategies to cure your depression

Being one of the best clinics for mindfulness-based therapy, we deploy innovative strategies to cure your depression. For instance, we ask patients to practice the three-minute breathing exercise. The three-minute breathing therapy focuses on:

  • Observing your experience
  • Concentrating on your breath
  • Attending to your body along with its sensations

Our mindfulness-based therapies are suitable to help patients review their thoughts. Our psychologists encourage clarity of thoughts and provide you with the tools required to practice mindfulness. If you or a loved one is suffering from anxiety disorders or depression, consult us today.

Treat Stress and Anxiety with our Mindfulness-based Clinical Counselling - The Techniques used by our Counsellor in Mindfulness-Based Therapy

At the Mental Wellness Centre, our counsellor relies on various techniques to provide mindfulness-based therapy. One of the key highlights of our top psychologist is that they utilise guided imagery in mindfulness-based therapy. Our top psychologist includes several types of mindfulness-based therapies to cure your mental illnesses.

For instance, we rely on mindfulness meditation to teach patients to pay attention to their feelings. Here are some of the top techniques used by our counsellor to provide mindfulness-based therapy.


At the Mental Wellness Centre, our counsellor will help you practice self-directed meditation. In this manner, you can gain a greater awareness of your body and thoughts.

Mindfulness Practices

This activity usually involves stretching your mind to bring awareness to your thought process. If you are suffering from recurring depression, our counsellors will implement this technique to treat you.

The Use of Body Scan Exercise

The body scan exercise involves lying down to bring awareness and consciousness to various body parts. It is also an effective method to help patients encounter stress and depression in their daily lives.


Our psychologists will also ask you to practice yoga. Practicing yoga in different poses will help you with the mindful stretching of your depressive thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are struggling with depressive thoughts and anxiety disorders, mindfulness-based therapy can be beneficial. Our mindfulness-based therapy from the top psychotherapist can decrease anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders. You can even lower cortisol levels with mindfulness-based therapy.

Note that mindfulness-based therapy is ideal for people who suffer from various episodes of depression. Nowadays, our psychotherapist relies on the mindfulness-based therapy to cure a wide variety of mental disorders.

There are three integral components of mindfulness-based therapy procedures deployed by our psychotherapist. They are:

  • Intention to raise awareness
  • The attitude which should be non-judgmental and kind
  • Attention to what is occurring in the surroundings

At present, mindfulness is most commonly measured through subjective self-report. Our psychologists analyse mindfulness through various parameters. You can contact our psychotherapist to get the best mindfulness therapy.

Yes, mindfulness can affect your overall well-being positively. With the help of mindfulness-based therapy, our psychotherapist ensure that you get respite from depressive thoughts. Mindfulness can improve sleep patterns which is important to lower depression in people.

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