How to control stress anger and depression

stress, anger and depression

Life is unpredictable, and you will often face hardship and disappointment. During such times it is quite common to become tense. But excessive tension can lead to stress, anger, and depression which is harmful to your body. This article will share some strategies to control your anxiety, anger, and depression.

Practice Breathing Technique

Breathing is considered the most effective technique for managing your anger, depression, and stress. It is a useful method of overcoming your anxiety, and a well-recognised psychological counsellor recommends this method. There are many breathing techniques to calm yourself. It would be best if you settled down with a breathing technique that you are comfortable with.

Let the Stress and Anger Go Away From Your Body

Expose your emotions out while you are exercising. Workout in the morning, involve yourself in some physical activity, it helps to release good hormones from your body. However, you should avoid doing some exercise that consists of the expression of anger.

Make Yourself Calm

Practising breathing techniques helps you to visualise yourself calm. After taking a few deep breaths, you can close your eyes and picture yourself calm. To do this, you need to relax your body and imagine yourself in a tension-free situation by making your mind calm and focused. You can take it one step further by creating a mental image of what it feels when you are calm. Next time when you are angry, imagine the picture again.

Chant Mantra 

Do you believe any mantra, or do you chant any mantra? Chanting a mantra can be useful in a critical situation. Practising a mantra helps you to stay away from negative thoughts and turns bad thinking into focus. When you are angry, you cannot be able to think rationally. These mantras help you to think wisely and create a better outcome.

Listen To Music

Listening to your favourite song and music can help you to drive your attention positively. When you hear your favourite music, it will create a calming effect in your body and mind.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Write all the thoughts on a paper when you are angry. This is a simple trick to divert your anger. It is also a way of stress management. While writing, do not pay attention to the grammar errors that you often make. Just write continuously to exclude all your negative thoughts from your mind.

Take Some Fresh Air

Sometimes the place you are living drives your anxiety and anger. Therefore, it is essential to optimise the level of temperature and air circulation in the room. Living in a messy and poorly ventilated room could make you uncomfortable and make you anxious. So it is better to stay away from such a room. Go outside and get fresh air as you can. Doing this will help you to improve your mental state.

Lose Your Shoulders

The health of your posture depends on the condition of your shoulder. Sit for a while and take a deep breath and lose your shoulder. To do this workout effectively, you need to bring down both of the shoulders. Does this step multiple times?

Choose an Object to Focus On

Focus on your task to stay away from irrational thoughts. You can choose a centring object so that you can focus on it. Your centring object can be a toy or any polished rock. Play with this object when you are feeling anxious.


After a hectic schedule, going to a clinic for acupuncture is an excellent way of stress management. However, you may not be able to make out time for visiting a clinic. Fortunately, if you spend a few hours learning about acupuncture, you can easily try it on yourself. This technique of relieving stress involves applying pressure with your fingers at certain points of your body.

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