Trainee PsychologistPayal Yadav

Payal Yadav possesses a Bachelor’s degree in applied psychology and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, both conferred by Amity University in Gurgaon. She has acquired considerable expertise in the realm of psychology by actively engaging in a range of internships, both online and offline. Payal has accomplished a fruitful internship at VIMHANS Delhi, where she actively collaborated with numerous clients, thereby augmenting her adeptness in handling diverse clientele. Notably, her exceptional interpersonal skills, amicable demeanor, and proficient communication aptitude have significantly contributed to her remarkable achievement.

Moreover, Payal has written a scholarly research paper examining the topic of “Investigating Adverse Childhood Experiences and their Correlation with Substance Abuse and Mental Well-being.” Presently, her ambition lies in pursuing a career in the field of clinical psychology, aiming to positively impact the lives of young individuals. She exudes a genuine enthusiasm for aiding individuals in triumphing over their psychological and behavioral obstacles.

Currently, she holds the position of a trainee psychologist at the esteemed Mental Wellness Centre Gurgaon. In this capacity, she skillfully employs her expertise to aid individuals grappling with mental health afflictions. Additionally, she has acquired substantial experience in conducting psychometric assessments for both children and adults.

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