How Does A CBT Therapist Help With Anger And Stress Management?

CBT Therapist in Gurgaon

Most people have to deal with stress and anger management problems because of changing lifestyles and life choices. While staying at home, away from practical concerns, is not an option; even working under stress is troublesome. But with CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, you can change the way you see things.

The therapy involves talking your heart’s content out with your therapist, who will slowly guide you towards a solution. Now, you might be curious about how CBT helps; here’s how:

  • When you are under stress, you think that all your problems are impossible to solve. Your stress clouds your natural thought process, making you feel you must give up everything. But with CBT, you can start to think correctly and not let problems get the better of you.
  • The best psychologist will guide you and help you to break your problems into parts. You will start with the surface and gradually delve more deeply as you identify the root cause of all your issues. Initially, your problems will seem like an opaque ball, but slowly you will be able to see through your problems.
  • Your thoughts, actions, feelings, and mental and physical health are one because when you feel disturbed, it affects the way you think and feel. Since it is all one complete structure, you will have to deal with your problems carefully.
  • If you enter the negative side of your thoughts, you will keep sinking and lose yourself. But if you can start to think positively, your problems will no longer affect your mood or health.
  • CBT helps you to focus on the issue as something separate from your daily life. If you allow yourself to make your problems the central part of your life, you will never be able to outgrow them. So, CBT will help you focus on your present life and flourish while dealing with major or minor issues.

What to Expect From A CBT Session?

If you are reaching out to the best psychologist near you, make sure to be ready for personal questions. It is a very personal experience because you will have to face your innermost fear and insecurities. If you hide details from your guide, you will not be able to reach your goal. Even more important is to be sure you are not lying to yourself.

Often, people build barriers around us and become defensive; in doing so, they are lying to protect themselves from getting hurt. But building a cocoon will not help you; instead, you have to break open and face the truth. Acceptance is the key to a healthy life, so accept your flaws and weaknesses.

Only then will you be able to work on yourself and believe in the process for it to work. These therapy sessions will be short yet highly interactive. The gaps between the two sessions will be the time for you to think and work on yourself. If you have trouble accepting an issue or you are afraid of something, please share it with your counsellor.

Your therapist will teach you ways to cope with your problems and help you fight back stronger than ever.

Will You Face Any Challenges During The Therapy Sessions?

Stress and anger management helps you to solve problems like OCD, panic disorder, bulimia, anorexia, bipolar disorder, borderline disorder, insomnia, IBS, CFS, and fibromyalgia. You will not face any challenges per se because CBT provides faster results than most forms of therapy. But you might need some time before you can see positive changes.

The reason behind this is that first, you need to convince yourself that you have an issue and only then can you solve it. Also, it would help if you were very particular and mindful when your therapist tells you anything. You need to track all the changes and let go of your uncertainties.

If you are very complex, fret about everything, and do not pay attention to your therapist, it will be quite a challenge. There will be phases where you will experience powerful emotions and confront your fears; do not get impatient and let the process flow easily.

Will You Benefit From CBT, Or Is It A Short-term Remedy?

CBT in Mental Wellness Centre India is for long-term treatment, and hence you can go back to your therapist if you still face specific issues. Experienced therapists will teach you ways to deal with your problems so that gradually you can solve them independently. You will move on in your life with a changed outlook and a zeal to solve your problems.

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Dr. Pankaja is a renowned psychologist and psychotherapist in Gurgaon, India. She has more than 15 years of experience treating various mental and emotional problems. Under her expert supervision and guidance, many patients managed to overcome their troubles easily. She has training and experience as a life coach and reiki healer.

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