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Feeling stressed by extreme pressure in your professional life? Want to get rid of your present distressing mental condition? Mental Wellness Centre, the best clinical psychologist centre in Greater Kailash, offers dedicated services to cure mental illness.
Mental illness can be caused due to various reasons:

  • Stress in professional life
  • Problems in marriage life
  • Puzzled to choose your career
  • Addiction among adolescence and children
  • Break up among couples
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After your board examination, if you get puzzled about what stream to choose and which subjects suit you best, contact Mental Wellness Centre. Our licensed highly-skilled counsellors will help you a lot through counselling.

Unique Approach To Assess Your Child Psychology

When you notice your child's performance is deteriorating in school or your child lacks enough night sleep, you must contact us. Our highly-qualified and experienced team of psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists will guide you on how to handle the situation.

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Mental Wellness Centre under the leadership of Dr. Pankaja provides services including marriage counselling and couple counselling in Greater Kailash. Moreover, stress and anger management are possible by our counsellors and therapists.

Contact us by making an appointment through our online form or phone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

The symptoms among your child include

  • Deterioration of grades in examination
  • Addiction to phones
  • Lack of sleep at night
Our therapists and psychiatrists including Dr. Pankaja are highly-qualified, skilled, and licensed.
Mental Wellness Centre is the leading clinical psychologist near Greater Kailash, Delhi.

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