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Stress and anger are common feelings associated with everyday situations in our lives. Anger is a reaction to specific situations in our everyday lives. However, if you find yourself angry very often, it may be a disorder. Now you can address chronic stress and anger with our anger management counselling in Delhi and NCR. Rage, stress and persistent anger may be detrimental to your physical health. Our expert psychotherapist will deploy innovative counselling sessions to help you manage stress and anger.

While there is no cure for stress and anger, you can work with our counsellor and psychotherapist to manage the intensity. In this manner, you can become less reactive to the everyday situations encountered in daily life.

Why should you opt for our Clinical Therapy to manage Stress and Anger?

At the Mental Wellness Centre, we provide the best clinical therapy to help you manage stress and anger. Moreover, we have the top psychologist in Delhi and NCR who will help you with chronic stress and anger. By opting for clinical therapy for anxiety and anger management, you will be able to:

  • Assess situations or circumstances in your life that can involve stress and anger
  • Comprehend how stress and anger are adversely affecting your well-being
  • Identify the negative thought patterns related to anxiety and anger
  • Analyse the triggers associated with your emotions and thoughts
  • Effectively plan while dealing with stressful situations
  • Define and become aware of the level of anger and stress
  • Learn new responses to the feelings of anger and stress

Our top psychologist and counsellor will help you develop a plan with which controlling anger and stress become easier. Moreover, our top psychologist and counsellor rely on clinical therapy to provide you respite from excessive stress and anger.

Types of Anger Management Therapy used by our Top Counsellor

Here is the list of anger management therapies used by our top counsellor.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Our clinical psychotherapy often involves the use of CBT to help patients cope with anger and stress. With CBT as psychotherapy, you will be able to recognise the triggers for anger, depression and anxiety. CBT will help you feel calmer in any type of stressful situation.

Family Therapy

This form of psychotherapy will be helpful in contexts where you direct anger towards your family members. Our psychologists use family therapy to improve your communication within the family. It is also beneficial in dealing with stress.

Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Our psychologists will deploy DBT to help patients with intense anger and stress. With DBT as a form of psychotherapy, you can gain control over your emotions. This type of psychotherapy also helps in the creation of distress tolerance skills.

Address Chronic and Uncontrolled Anger with our Best Stress and Anger Management Counselling

At Mental Wellness Centre, we provide the best stress and anger management counselling services in Delhi and NCR. The primary objective of our anger management counselling session is to assist you in reducing anger-evoking situations.

Moreover, our psychotherapist provides stress and anger management counselling to improve self-control and help you to be expressive. Both anger and chronic stress come with various risk factors. For instance, excessive anger can alienate you from others.

How psychologists help with anger problems
Being the top mental healthcare centre in Delhi and NCR, we have the best psychotherapist and psychologist. You can now bid farewell to excessive anger and stress levels with our best psychotherapist and psychologist in Delhi and NCR.
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Anger and stress can wreak havoc in your life. If you can’t control your anger or anxiety, contact Mental Wellness Centre immediately. Our expert psychologists will assist you in managing your stress and anger levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stress usually leads to anger which can have severe repercussions on your mental well-being. If you have issues with anxiety and anger management, contact us at the earliest.
You can control stress and anger by following simple practices. For instance, practicing yoga and meditation daily can effectively manage anger and stress. You can consult us for effective outcomes associated with severe anxiety and anger.
Both anger and irritability are the common traits associated with stress. The higher levels of stress are closely related to rage. For effective stress and anger management, you should consult us immediately.
For managing stress and anger, we use a wide variety of therapies. Our experienced psychologists leverage CBT, DBT and family therapy to help you manage high levels of anxiety and anger.
By managing anger and stress, you address a wide variety of issues. In the absence of anxiety and anger, your body will be calmer. Moreover, stress can lead to serious health issues. Hence, controlling it is necessary.

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