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Mental Wellness Centre is one of the best clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist centres near Kailash Colony, Delhi NCR. Our services include marriage counselling, couple counselling, and career counselling. We have highly experienced child psychologists in our licensed team.

Resume Normal Life By Our Expert Team Of Psychologists

Those, who are feeling extreme stress, can approach to Mental Wellness Centre for stress and anger management counselling. Get back your confidence and live a better life. Our licensed therapists and counsellors are healing through smiles.

Identify Symptoms Of Mental Distress

The symptoms of mental distress include,

  • Feeling stress in marriage & career
  • Losing control over anger
  • Insomnia or excessive sleep
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Excessive fears or tension
Best Clinical Psychotherapist & Psychologist In Kailash Colony In Delhi NCR

Offering Best Mental Health Services By Our Therapists

Mental Wellness Centre, headed by Dr. Pankaja, values your feelings and emotions at the time of treatment. Dr. Pankaja and her team apply mindfulness-based behavioural therapy to solve many issues.

Connect with us immediately if you feel any symptoms of mental distress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy is applied by our Psychiatrists at an affordable price.
Mindfulness therapy, Dialectical Therapy, and Cognitive, Behavioural Therapy are applied by our therapists and Psychiatrists.

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