What Is An Industrial organizational Psychologist?

Industrial and organizational psychology

Industrial organizational psychology is a part of psychology that deals with psychological facts and theories. It is commonly termed as I-O psychology. It is an area that focuses on workplace productivity and its associated problems, including the mental and physical development of the employees.

The best psychologist in India conducts a plethora of work such as analysing working patterns and attitudes of employees, their attitudes and organizing leadership training. The main objective of the industrial psychologist is to gain knowledge about human attitudes in the workplace.

What Is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

You can consider that Industrial Organizational Psychology has two major branches. It has an industrial side, which tells how to find the best match of workers to assign particular job roles. It can be also considered as a way of career counseling. This is one of the major sides of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, commonly known as personnel psychology.

An individual working in this field should be familiar with employees characteristics which help them suggest specific jobs profile for each employee so that they can show their best. Industrial side psychology’s other functions are developing job performance, training programs, and evaluating work productivity.

On the other hand, organizational psychology concentrates on comprehending how organizations influence individuals’ behaviour. Some factors that influence how workers behave within an organisation are management styles, social norms, and organizational structures.

When knowing such factors helps to boost individual performance and health while at the same time supporting the entire organization as a whole.

While industrial-organizational psychology is more practical and application-based, I-O psychology has its roots in different sub-areas, including personnel psychology, human and computer interaction, and other human factors.

Key Areas on Which They Work

The industrial organization psychologist works on several fields, which are assembled below:


It is a kind of field which includes designing processes and equipment crafted to leverage the work productivity and meltdown injury.

Employee Screening:

This field is associated with employee selection evaluation which indicates a screening test to check whether the job applicant is eligible for assigning a particular job role.

Performance Management:

I-O psychologists assigned in this field are mainly focused on analysis and techniques to know whether every worker is doing their jobs.

Enterprise Development:

I-O psychologist who performs for this sub-area helps optimize the organisation, redesign products, enhance profits, and optimise the company’s structure.


This area mainly concentrates on developing work productivity and increasing employee satisfaction. In this field, an I-O psychologist might help to work and find ways to make the task more exciting or design workshops programs to increase the standard of living in the workplace.


Professionals in this field often determine the type of skills required to operate specific things and improve and assess training programs of employees.

What Do Industrial-Organizational Psychologists Do?

I-O psychology is a vast field with lots of opportunities. It has its roots in multiple areas. Many I-O psychologists evaluate the industrial sector and check position dealing, human resources, employee training, and work productivity. Other I-O psychologist works in academic and research position. Other speciality areas that an I-O psychologist handles are human factors and human-computer interaction. Consulting for choosing the field are also offered by experienced I-O psychologist.

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