Top 10 & Best Psychiatrists in India

Best Psychiatrists in India

Best Psychiatrists in India: Psychiatry forms a special branch of psychology and therapy wherein diagnosis, treatment and medication form its core. In cases where the mental health issue is serious, like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, medication is prescribed.

Why Psychiatrists Are Crucial in The Mental Health Field

Unlike counsellors or psychologists, psychiatrists need a medical degree to practice and treat patients. In some cases, a counsellor cannot help a client because they need medical attention. Thus, every mental health service needs to have at least one psychiatrist doctor on call for its patients.

Mental Wellness Centre in Gurugram has a team of experienced psychologists and counsellors. From them, Dr Rahul Rai is a psychiatrist. Before talking more about him, let us see the top 10 psychiatrists in India.

Top Psychiatrists in India and Their Specializations

There are certain complex cases of mental disorders where psychiatrists are needed. They are addictions, anxiety disorders, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and body dysmorphia, among others.

Here are the top psychiatrists in India:

  1. Dr Rahul Rai: Dr Rahul Rai has more than 12 years of experience in understanding prison mental health and suicide-prevention programs in prison. He also has experience in handling de-addiction patients, child psychological issues, and marriage counselling. Being associated with the Mental Wellness Centre in Gurugram, he is also a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society.
  2. Dr Gorav Gupta: He is a senior psychiatrist at Tulasi Psychiatric & Rehab Centre, Delhi, with a specialisation in addiction disorders. He has more than 22 years of experience and is a member of NITI AYOG (Social Welfare organisation in Delhi). Dr Gupta has experience in treating patients suffering from depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, etc. He has treated patients from all over India as well as outside countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Canada, and the UK.
  3. Dr Samir Parikh: He is the Director of the Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences Department at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi. With more than 18 years of experience, he has in-depth knowledge of mental health. He uses this to communicate expressively with his patients. He has written three books in the mental health field. One is about coping with change. The second is about skill building in children. And third, is about mental health guidance for people working with children.
  4. Dr Sameer Malhotra: With more than 23 years of experience, he is the director of the Mental Health Department at Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi. His medical services include stress management, marriage counselling, substance abuse addiction, OCD, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and adolescent mental health issues.
  5. Dr Ajit Dandekar: He is associated with Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai, where he works as an honorary psychiatrist. He has 33 years of experience and provides a holistic mental health service to his patients. His services include depression counselling, psychotherapy, psychosocial rehabilitation, stress management counselling, and stress management. He is currently also a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society.
  6. Dr Murali Raj: Associated with the Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, Dr Murali Raj has more than 35 years of experience. He specialises in treating personality disorders and eating disorders. He also gives stress management and addiction counselling. He is a mental health activist and a proponent of the importance of mental health in India.
  7. Dr Vishal Chhabra: He is a senior consultant at the psychiatric department at Fortis Hospital in Delhi with 17 years of experience. He is celebrated for his services in the following fields: suicidal behaviour, OCD treatment, de-addiction therapies, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression treatment and adolescent problems.
  8. Dr Vasantha Jayaraman: With 26 years of experience, Dr Vasantha Jayaraman is the senior consultant of the psychiatry department of the Gleneagles Global Hospital in Chennai. Her mental health services include providing rehabilitation therapy for patients with malignant medical conditions. Her expertise lies in chronic mental illness and caters to both adults and children. She is also a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society.
  9. Dr Mrinmay Kumar Das: He is the senior consultant at the department of behavioural sciences at Jaypee Hospital in Delhi. He has 24 years of experience in treating mood disorders, relationship counselling, personality disorders, and CBT.
  10. Dr Vipul Rastogi: He is associated with the Medanta in Delhi, specifically in the department of neurosciences. He treats disorders like Parkinson’s Disorder, multiple sclerosis, Brain Injuries and dementia.
Dr Rahul Rai and His Services in the Mental Health Field
About Author

Dr Rahul Rai is a psychiatrist whose mental health services range from treating addiction disorders to marriage counselling and inpatient clerking. He also works in the child psychiatry sector, where he treats children with ADHD, autism and mental retardation. His 12 years of experience in the mental health field enables him to help his patients lead happy and fulfilling lives.

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