Who is the No. 1 psychologist in India?

no. 1 psychologist in india

Dr. Pankaja is a psychologist, psychotherapist, senior consultant, life coach and head of the Mental Wellness Centre in Gurgaon, India. Dr Pankaja is a No. 1 psychologist in India.

Mental Wellness Centre is an inclusive therapy clinic for dealing with and planning interventions for those who face trouble in life. It is also psychological assessment, counselling, and care centre. Their services provide customized solutions, therapies and sessions to children and people of all age groups.

Dr. Pankaja is a full-time psychotherapist. Her experience in the mental health field spans more than 15 years. She has a dual degree in the mental health academic field, including a Ph.D. Her academic achievements, along with her experience, make her a multifaceted achievement in the respective field.

Choosing the best psychologist or counsellor for you is essential. There are many factors to be kept in mind while deciding which mental health professional to approach. There are many skilled mental health experts, but every client has their own subjective needs. Additionally, building a good rapport with your counsellor is what can make you go for a follow-up session with them.

Factors That Decide Which Psychologist Is Good for You

While trying to decide which psychotherapist is the perfect fit for you, these are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Protects Your Privacy- Giving priority to your privacy is of utmost importance. Whatever you share with your counsellor, they must keep it confidential unless legal laws prevent them from doing so. Consent forms with clear safeguarding guidelines should be sent to every client before each session. If counsellors wish to share case studies of clients, they should do so with the clients’ permission. Plus, they should not reveal any personal information about them. This includes their name.
  • Experienced- The best psychologist should have years of experience dealing with patients with mental health disorders in different settings. A counsellor who has many years of experience can share testimonials of their past clients (with their permission). Do they have experience with working with patients and treating them with the issues that you are particularly facing?
  • Licenced- This is very important while checking. Never approach a psychologist without a license of practice in their state. Every potential client has the right to ask to see the license of a psychologist.
  • Expertise-You can check the kind of treatments or methods they use. Every mental health service has its treatment plans for its clients. How effective are these methods to treat your kind of problem or issue?
  • Accountable- They must be ethical while taking sessions. A client must feel that their counsellor is invested in helping them manage their emotions. Making goals, checking for follow-ups and communicating transparently are signs of a psychologist who cares for their client.

Dr. Pankaja

She is also actively associated with the “Sweet Home” Girl’s Orphanage. She endeavours to make a positive impact in her patients’ lives.

She also has the expertise of working with patients dealing with depression, stress, anger issues, anxiety, and grief. Her work also extends to providing career and marriage counselling. She provides counselling support to clients and patients from all around the world. This includes countries like UAE, Canada, Europe, the USA, countries in South Asia, and Australia.

She has expertise in dealing with all types of counselling. They are personal, professional, relationships, couple counselling, teenage issues, and behavioural therapies. She is also an efficient life coach to people who look to her for their issues. She helps them find suitable guidance through mentoring.

A high-profile client stands as Dr. Pankaja’s testimony. She treats all her patients with equal care and respect. Furthermore, she makes every effort to make them benefit from her therapies and consultations. She does this by helping them find viable and practical solutions to their problems.

She was awarded the Leader in Education award by ALE of the British Parliament in May 2019, the Nari Shakti Samman in 2019, the Rajdhani Ratna Award in 2017, and the Youth Icon Award in 2015.

Through her work, she aims to empower underprivileged children and women. Moreover, she has been a change-maker in every sphere of her professional life. She has the soul of a sportsperson, an educationist’s mind, and a healer’s heart.

Make An Informed Decision for Your Mental Health

In conclusion, a mental health professional can truly help you lead a more fulfilled life. They can only do this if you have clear goals of therapy in your mind. Developing goals is a team effort between you and your therapist. Your therapist can help you consider which type of therapy could best suit your needs. To know more you can contact us at info@mentalwellnesscentre.com.

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