What Is The Difference Between A Psychiatrist And A Psychologist?

When it is the question of finding assistance for a mental issue or type of mental condition, two names may pop into your head: Psychologists and Psychiatrists. But do you have the slightest idea of whom to approach? Psychologists and Psychiatrists are trained professionals and have vast experience in mental health care. But the treatments they offer depend on the type of mental illness. If you want to make an appointment with a medical practitioner, do you know who you will approach? Read this blog to have a clear perception between psychologists and psychiatrists. So let’s start.

Know Their Background

A psychiatrist aims to study for availing a medical certificate in mental health. They also study for MD or DO. After completing the study with any said degrees, they appear in an exam to get a license. The license is essential for conducting the medical practice in any state.

They work under the sight and care of senior doctors. Every nine years, they need to renew their certificates. Then they are needed to follow up the practice for a minimum tenure of three years under a reputed hospital.

A physiologist has completed a graduate program in medicine for four to six years to gain a PhD degree. They will always be requested to complete an exam to get the required license of the chosen state to practice professionally.

Working Methods

Being certified professionals, psychiatrists are entitled to diagnose and provide treatment to mental illness. You will generally find a psychiatrist at a big hospital, medical institution and rehabilitation establishment, nursing facilities or in a private place.

However, a psychiatrist is not entitled to offer any prescribed medication. Instead, they can suggest or conduct talk therapies that are ideally suited for treating mild mental conditions, and it is done with the utmost care and counselling with their patients. You may find a psychiatrist at the same place where a psychologist stays, but they are mostly found in private establishments.

Whom to Consult

Before you make an appointment with a child psychologist or a psychiatrist, you must determine the kind of mental condition you face. If you know someone who is currently suffering from lots of stress and shows signs of depression and anxiety, it is advised to meet with a psychologist. Psychologists will take the patient through a mental therapy session to ease their perplexed minds.

A psychiatrist can be beneficial for you if you are undergoing a severe case of mental illness. This is true when a person experiences mood swings, unusual attitudes and behaviour, and disruption in life. All these things are mainly due to mental health issues. The psychiatrist will evaluate the mental condition and offer the best medication to control their mental related problems.

There are many situations when you need to consult both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Both of the professionals work in tandem when diagnosing and treating mental illness.

On the financial part, it is essential to check whether you have medical insurance that will help to cover the fees for medication. If required, the fees for consulting a psychiatrist would be covered as well. Generally, the fees are divided on a per-visit basis.

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